Podcasts I Listen To…

So much is happening in the technology world and it is really hard to keep up with all the latest and greatest information. Podcasts are one of the mediums we can use to keep ourselves up to date. Since Podcasts are popular, there are tons of Podcasts available and it is getting increasingly difficult to find the right ones. In this blog post, I have listed the Podcasts which I have found extremely useful with a lot of excellent technical information and humor. 🙂

Another advantage of Podcasts is that they can help to utilize your commute/running time productively. I live in Washington DC metropolitan area and this region is known for crazy traffic delays. I used to get really annoyed with the traffic delays and was constantly looking for ways to get around this problem. I tried Music, radio stations but that did not help.

From last year, I started listening to the following podcasts and now I don’t get annoyed with the traffic delays. Now I can utilize my travel time more productively.

  1. Microsoft Cloud Show : Chris Johnson and Andrew Connell talk about Microsoft cloud i.e. Microsoft Azure , Office 365, SharePoint, Skype for Business and related technologies
  2. Office 365 Developer Podcast : Richard diZerega and Andrew Coates talk about Office 365 development. The one place to keep up to date on what’s happening in Office 365 development world.
  3. Microsoft Cloud IT Pro PodCast : A weekly podcast from @benstegink and @ciphertxt all about Office 365 and Azure from the IT Pro and End User perspective…none of that developery stuff.
  4. MS Dev Show:A podcast for Microsoft developers covering topics such as Azure/cloud, Windows, Windows Phone, .NET, Visual Studio, and more! Hosted by Jason Young and Carl Schweitzer.
  5. HyperFish Podcast: A podcast by Jeremy Thake talking about Office 365 and it’s services.
  6. Adventures in Angular : An Anjgular.js podcast
  7. Node Up : A NODE.js podcast.
  8. Brewery.FM : Dan Usher and Scott Hoag talk about the latest technology in the Microsoft space, focusing on public and private clouds. Tech, beer, Azure, AWS, Office 365, SharePoint and everything in-between.
  9. Digital Workplace Today Podcast : This podcast has good information about how Microsoft products can help you in the Digital Workplace. It covers all the of products under Office 365 suite.

If you know any good Podcasts related to Office 365 Development, Azure, SharePoint, Angular JS, Node etc, please let me know either by emailing me at pgbhoyar at gmail dot com or drop a line in the comments section.

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